Sasha Cane

First Impressions

Sasha Cane is a youthful 19 year old with a little pair of tits and a propensity for taking her clothes off and pleasuring her pussy with dildos. She likes to play and she invites you to have some fun with her, which shouldn`t be hard. The sample video on the tour is irresistible and the preview pictures are all enough to inspire me to write faster so I can get inside and see the full size version of everything. I really like the t-shirt she wears in one of the preview sets that says `I`d Fuck Me.` You`ll totally agree when you see her.

Hot Promises

Sasha Cane hints at being a dirty girl in the introductory paragraph on her site and then she shows you a whole bunch of pictures that back up her assertion. She`s going to be a lot of fun to play with. The main page features little in the way of hard promises but she does drop a free video and a whole bunch of pictures on you that should alleviate any fears you have about her possibly not giving you what you desire. On the join page she promises high quality pictures, DVD quality video, hard girl on girl fun, weekly updates and a bunch of bonus sites.


Sasha Cane welcomes us to her member`s area with the same pictures we saw on the tour. Everything looks similar and I count that as a good thing. It`s easy to find your way around and the pretty girl with the little tits is waiting for you in her picture galleries and videos. The dates of the most recent updates are posted on the main page but you`ll have to dig into the picture and video pages to actually access those scenes. You`ll find links to those areas on the main page along with all the bonus sites that you can access with just one click thanks to a smart design.

There are 60 picture sets and you get a new one every week. She has them displayed 20 to a page with a title, a thumbnail and the date the gallery was published. Since she went live she`s been good about giving you something new every week so thumbs up to her for that. In the galleries the thumbnails are actually a little small for my taste. I like them a bit bigger so I don`t have to lean in close to see exactly what`s going on in the shot. The full size images display at a beautiful 1200px and they load quickly. She`s missing zip files for the galleries though.

Head to the video area and you`ll find 60 scenes there as well. For the most part the picture sets and movies are paired up. She doesn`t make a mess of it and give you a filmed version of her photo shoot though. The content is produced separately, just in the same setting and outfit. They should really link between them to make navigation a little easier but they neglected to do so. The movies can be downloaded at 640x480 and 2400kbps and they look terrific. About two thirds of the clips also have a lower resolution version for those of you stuck on dial up connections. They look decent though.

The youthful beauty of Sasha Cane is a big reason that her site works so well. She`s insanely pretty with a flawlessly carved face, a little pair of perky tits, a tight tummy, a slim waist and a nice little ass. She`s the embodiment of the tasty little teen and because of that there`s great joy in checking her out when she steps in front of the camera to arouse us. She poses in a variety of outfits to ensure that you never get bored and that your senses are always aroused when you`re spending time with the beauty. She`s already become one of my favorite teenage models.

A significant portion of the teen model contingent online goes for the super youthful and cute look in an attempt to capture the guys that want innocence in their ladies. You`ll see Sasha Cane do that in a few galleries but she`s far too beautiful to limit herself to cuteness. She makes use of her exceptional, supermodel-quality beauty and puts on sexy lingerie sets and suggestive outfits to turn you into a quivering mass of arousal when you check her out. Her lingerie sets are always an impressive experience and her many schoolgirl outfits and shiny pant and tank top sets blow my mind too. There`s one where she`s prancing around in red latex that`s tight against her skin that is particularly arousing.

The picture galleries and videos cover the same content but they obviously differ. In the solo image sets she`s all about looking directly into your eyes and giving you shots of her body from every angle and in every state of dress and undress. She happily shows her young tits and pussy and she will play with dildos and the occasional sweet treat. In the solo videos she moves to the beat of her own lusty drummer, hoping to turn you on with her sensually soft skin and her pretty eyes. She does a dandy job of it too. You`ll see her shake her ass in those shiny, skintight pants and you`ll know that you were destined to be with her in a naughty way, at least in your head.

There are girl-girl scenes where she gets full on freaky with other hot young chicks. There fifteen of them by my count and they possess impressive powers of arousal. When you see Sasha Cane eating pussy, getting eaten and playing dildo fuck with another chick you will most definitely pop major wood. She kisses girls, caresses girls and loves to have her wet pussy licked lustily. She is what you`ll want from a teenage chick.

If for some reason disaster strikes and Sasha Cane is not the girl you`re looking for then you can check out the bonus sites that come with your membership. There are nine of them. Five feature other solo chicks that also like to pose in naughty outfits and hook up with girls. Some like to have sex. There are two lesbian sites and one big tit site. There`s also a site where the ladies talk dirty about their favorite kinds of sex. That`s fun.

Croco’s Opinion

Sasha Cane deserves your attention because she`s so stunningly pretty. She has amazing eyes, a sweet smile, lovely cheekbones and a tight little body that might pull your attention away from the effect her face has on most men. She shows off for you in picture galleries and videos and every time she gets naked on camera you`ll pop wood. She does lesbian and solo content on her site and her efforts are consistently excellent in her attempts to arouse the men of the world. From bikinis to lingerie to super sexy shiny outfits she has what it takes to turn you on. Give her a chance and you get to see nine bonus sites along with her site. She`s made 60 picture galleries and 60 videos so far and they`re well worth a visit.


The only trouble is the lack of information about the picture galleries.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95 for the first month and $29.95 every month thereafter.

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